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Quality Management

thumbnailQuality is the hallmark of the operations at Pharbest. In ensuring quality delivery at all times, the Pharbest Quality Assurance and Quality Control teams are involved in the different phases of our operations ranging from vendor selection all the way to customer service delivery, at a level above what obtains normally in the industry. The emphasis on quality at all levels is hinged on the belief that quality begets quality – “Quality in, quality out”.

Asides adhering in strict compliance to all regulatory statues governing all its products, Pharbest prides in taking an extra step by working hand-in-hand with regulatory agencies in advancing the industry through pioneering efforts of new processes. The implementation of FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) in ensuring quality compliance throughout product lifecycle earns Pharbest an enviable cGMP inspection reputation in the industry at our facility.

Regulatory Affairs

Pharbest takes enormous pride in meeting all regulatory statutes governing its products. Rather than limit itself to a position of compliance, Pharbest works collaboratively with the regulatory agencies to pioneer new processes and advancements that elevate the entire industry.

Regulatory Affairs remains dedicated to quality and compliance throughout the product lifecycle, maintaining FDA cGMP in all Pharbest facilities, and enjoys an enviable cGMP inspection reputation. At Pharbest, compliance is far more than a requirement of doing business; to an action that motivates the very best across the company as it continues its pursuit of product excellence.

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